dear self

Dear self, you are a survivor. Not by the definition of which comes through people’s mouths because they just don’t know what to say, but true grit survival. Be gentle with your story, self. You haven’t felt much affirmation your entire life.

Your shiny, colorful & creative attributes have been tarnished by the untruths & unjust efforts of those who act out of love disguised as fear / misunderstanding. Do not white wash the abuse of that last sentence – it’s true.

Dear self, please keep going because you are worth it. Take in those compliments with joy because you deserve them. Stop being over critical of your joy, happiness and personhood. Don’t let all those actions & words against you drown out the search for you. It matters to find you. Because you are a person made for beautiful things – in joy & in pain – beautiful things.

Your light is saving you and others. Your light by design was meant to illuminate truths not meant for secrets. Don’t ever get so tired that you step away from it. It is your life line.

Dear self, I love you. Keep searching for what those words mean to say to you and give it to yourself daily. You have almost died twice, been abandoned, left alone, verbally and physically abused – give yourself a moment (a lot of moments) to heal. And then, ask for your needs in all moments while not rejecting others.

Dear self you are a survivor. You are doing your very best. I just needed you to know – you are living into a new age of you. Be excited, love you, grab those around you & say “thank you for loving me, seeing me” & then say it to you too.

Dear self, thanks for seeing you. I love you. I really do.

Dear Self originally was posted to @queerinfaith on Instagram. Here’s what others wrote to themselves & openly shared on that platform:

Dear self, you deserve love, even now.

Dear self, hardships are just a lesson to make you a better & wiser you.

Dear self, be nicer to yourself. You are doing just fine.

Dear self, you are stronger than you think.

Dear self, smooth seas make not experienced sailors. 

Dear self, you are whole as you are.


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