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Lent is the season where sorrow & joy are visible. The veil does not cover the eyes from the shift inside our spirits to turn inward. And, the uncomfortableness of doing so is visible to us. It’s a season of discovery by means of practice, repentance and longing. The invitation is to go deeper.

On the first day of lent, Ash Wednesday, we are reminded that from dust we came and from dust we shall return. That are centralized point of origin is infinite.

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It’s such an odd imagery right? How can one breathe with dirt in their lungs? A knee-jerk reaction would be to cough.

Maybe in this season you need to expel the sorrow you no longer wish to hold. Maybe this season you’ll dispel the myths you’ve been told of God & keep the loving infinite truth that you are beloved. Maybe you’ll journey into your wilderness asking, pleading and calling to discover God in new ways — or renewal.

And, this journey is yours – it is no others. Scripture tells us to do this in “secret,” which I’d like to suggest means God is intangible in most ways. Our access to God is through our faith to meet him in our spaces and open our perspectives wide enough; deep enough to imagine the conversations & change God calls us into — this is where God does become tangible — our own meeting place.

This season, I’d like to explore my ever continued process of healing through trauma and trying to access my imagination to explore conversation with God though written prayer.

Here, in this space, I’ll share portions of what I write or read to invite prayer into my life differently. My hope is this holds me grounded in this act of re-entering prayer from a new position and – if anything – gives you (the reader) a point of entry as well.

So, as mentioned, we come from dirt (dust) and to bear good fruit in our nutrients, we must nourish our spirits. Call it an uncomfortable season of wellness check ins and admittence to the state of affairs – but know this…

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This wellness check brings good news. You’re not broken. You’re worthy and God meets you in all places – even the wilderness; the darkness.

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 Go grab some dirt today & proclaim I will not choke on the lies I’ve been told, those who press on my being – I will nourish you. I will nourish you. 


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  1. Thank you very much for this. If I may share with you. My lenten journey has begun with my stripping down. No makeup, badges, pins, wristbands, jewelry. No tshirts to tell an outward story. It is time for me to listen like never before . Bless you on your ministry and your lenten journey. Anita

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