Can you imagine if someone came up to you and said…

“you’re light is so bright & we see how people are drawn to you in this church. We see that people are healing and you’re healing – there’s relationship happening here – But, your presence just doesn’t add up with our theology…our mindset so your light is going to have to go… off.”

Today, Church Clarity released a piece of another countless story of someone’s light being turned off and my heart broke – again.

It pains me because this rejection is familiar.

Our light is a gift.

It’s our life that you’re turning off.

It’s our life line to God you’re attempting to turn off. Sometimes that light doesn’t ever come back on. Of course, it rests in our bodies because the Spirit is a gift given — but it gets buried under abuse, harm and fear. The point being missed here is that within each of us lies a gift. The Spirit that moves & calls us is a gift. It’s not one God intended for us to take from another person. God intended for that gift to be nourished. God intended for that gift to be in community, to be molded and to be used.

Here’s a truth I believe in – God isn’t about telling us no

God is about telling us ‘yes’ so much that Jesus came so we didn’t have to hear ‘no.’ Yes to your desire, to your intimacy, your calling & your gifts. Yes to using those gifts collectively to make this world be a ‘yes.’

A ‘yes’ for the collective, for justice, for peace – for one another.

So, when you’re saying no to someone’s light; to someone’s gift – I’d like to suggest you’re saying no to God.

And your no could be life or death. It could be spiritual life or death. It could be humanity life or death.

I don’t think our life living is about good verses evil.

I think this is about humanity embracing humanity.

We are supposed to be a for everybody community. We are people built for relationship. That’s why being told no inside the most intimate spaces of our faith, as is church, can kill a person.

When are we going to stop denying the wholeness of someone’s life – whether out of fear, power, greed or the Empire of ownership of one another – when are we going to stop doing that?

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world” and “I am with you always.” And, then Jesus gave us a gift – the Spirit of God – so that we may also be a light.

There is so much shame and guilt built into our faith. There are so many ‘no’s’ built into our faith. It doesn’t add up for me – a theology/doctrine that limits our imagination to the depths of God, Christ’s love for people and neighbor… should be questioned.

“This little light of mine I’m going to let it shine…let it shine, let it shine…”

God invites us to have a childlike faith, which for me in my life right now a childlike faith means “yes.” It means zero limits on my imagination and my questioning. It means showing up, being visible and believing we love a God who says yes to us.

I think about “This Little Light of Mine,” not because it’s tied to Jesus being a light in the world, but because I loved it so much as a child. It illuminated for me as a child that I had a purpose and ability to help other people.

What if we got this excited as adults about our light and others? What if we said…

“actually, you know,  I’m really interested in how you have your light on like that. I may not understanding everything about your light, but I’d like to because I want to let you shine.”

My heart breaks with every person – queer or not – who’s told no in the name of God. The Gospel showcases a movement toward redemption. We are continuing to write the pages of new stories today as we move forward God’s biggest yes to us – our kin-dom of kinship together.

Peace to you all, friends.

Leave your light on – we need you. 



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