HTBH promo.jpg

How To Be Human: A Podcast about Belief and Healing is coming this spring. And, tonight I’m debuting to you all on the inter webs the teaser intro to what this podcast will be about & feature.

You can find the podcast on Spotify as well as iTunes.

When I started dreaming about this podcast two years ago, I really doubted my ability to follow through with creating this space. But this year, I feel, more than ever we need to listen to one another’s stories.

On this first season of How To Be Human you’ll hear from artists, activists, a film maker, LGBTQ folks finding themselves and how our beliefs interweave into our growth

This month I’m finalizing recording of all my guests (thank you GUESTS!) and editing during my vacation the fist week of April. My hope is to have this season live by mid-Aril.

I’ll keep you updated as I prepare each episode for your ears and look forward to releasing these voices into the world soon!

So, do me a favor – listen to the trailer, subscribe & stay tuned in for updates on all of my social handles!



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