Being a Queer Christian is resistance and the Bible encourages it.

We are a part of an ongoing story of redemptive movement toward equality, inclusion and justice for all humans. It is evident today in our current movement that the church is at a juncture – to listen to its brothers and sisters of the queer community or deny them a place at the table.


I am a Queer Christian who believes our causes inside LGBT spaces and beyond belong to us all.

Intersected & Interlocked.

We do not live single-issue lives and thus my struggle is your struggle and yours is mine. It is my belief in my being that we were created to help one another to flourish and tend to the literal dirt we were given life from, so that when we return to it we have tended to our people as God’s people.


bell hooks says that “honesty and openness is always the foundation of insightful dialogue”

This dialogue first has to take place within ourselves to the core of what comprises us as a person. And, that complexity is a million spokes wielded to a bicycle wheel of change in thought, life and love. All encouraged and all given to us by our creator.

Learning how to love our person is justice. It is without question one of the most important walks you’ll make as a human throughout your life and one of the most intimate ways you’ll grow closer to Christ in your faith.

I challenge those who stand on non-affirming ground or spaces of uncertainty to wrestle with the text, the culture we live in, how our perspective of homosexuality came to be and where Christ may be calling us to go next.

We are most dangerous when we are not actively pursuing movement in our relationships within our church, our communities and God. 

For those who are questioning their sexuality or have found their truth in such spaces, I encourage you and challenge you to continue to live in the light verses the dark space (all too aware of) that you stepped bravely outside of – because you are good, you are holy and you are loved.

This is my honest journey to keep my own light on, because it was first done for me.




Queer Non Binary


 She / Her/ Hers

Rachael grew up in a southern evangelical rural town in South Georgia. Without the language to accompany her questions around sexuality, they didn’t take a spiritual journey into sexuality until her mid-twenties. There they faced questions of existence, battled suicidal thoughts, substance abuse and wandered the wilderness for nine years.

After developing a strong sense of their person, Rachael began utilizing their story to offer compassion over those navigating the difficult spaces and questions of personhood and their love for Christ.

Rachael believes in the true identity of the church, as the bride of Christ and intention in its creation to be a place of refuge, growth and wrestling questions with our creator.